Best Practices for Backup and Restore in SQL™ Server 2005

Introduction In an ideal world, hard drives and other hardware never fail, software is never defective, users do not make mistakes, and hackers are never successful. However, we live in a less than perfect world and we should plan and prepare to handle adverse events. In our database environment, that plan is called the Data […]

Workflow 6.5 Installation Guide

This installation guide is intended to cover several different installation scenarios in a comprehensive manner. It is designed to offer a step-by-step walkthrough of how to install Workflow Solution and to answer frequently asked questions along the way. The document was composed in January of 2009. Generally speaking, the latest version of each installation item […]

How Install Deployment Solution

If you cannot install the Deployment solution for policy reason here what u have to do: This behavior occurs if the server has insufficient contiguous memory to verify that the package is correctly signed. To workaround this behavior: 01. Start / Run / control admintools / OK. 02. Double-click Local Security Policy. 03. Expand Software […]